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Thursday, April 28, 2011


                                               FROZEN DESSERTS

     You can include frozen desserts in your life-extending program, but keep track of the calories. the number of calories in a 1/2-cup portion of various popular desserts is as follows:

FOOD                                          CALORIES                     PERCENTAGE OF FAT

Low-fat frozen yogurt                         90                                 1%
Ice Milk                                             90                                 5%
Low-fat frozen yogurt
Fruit-Flavored                                   105                                1%
Sherbert, all flavors                            135                                1 1/2%
Ice Cream, Vanilla                             135                                10%
Low-fat frozen yogurt
with fruit preserves                             160                                1%
Ice Cream, extra rich
Vanilla                                               175                                16%

     Although low-fat frozen yogurts can be low in fat, watch out for added calories from fruit preserves or chocolate coatings. Check the ingredient label.

                                           WHIPPED TOPPINGS

     Many imitation dairy toppings contain coconut oil or palm oil. Both are high in saturated fats and calories. Whipped cream is high in saturated fats, cholesterol and calories.

     Try plain, vanilla, or lemon yogurt or a mixture of plain yogurt and fresh fruit as a topping.

                                           DIEBETIC DAIRY DESSERTS

     You don't need to buy special dietetic dairy desserts to help you cut down on calories and saturated fats unless your doctor specifically recommends them. They are designed for people with special health needs. They often cost more than regular low-fat products.

     Use regular low-fat, low-calorie dairy desserts, but serve moderate portions.  You'll enjoy the taste and still be kind to your pocket-book and your bathroom scales.

                                        FROZEN DAIRY SNACKS

     Check the calorie and fat levels of frozen dairy snacks to see if they fit into your overall program.  Here's a list of some popular items:

FOOD                                        CALORIES                           FAT PERCENTAGE

Uncoated low-fat yogurt
bar, vanilla (2.4) fluid
ounces                                          60-70                                   2%

Fruit Popsicle
(3 fluid ounces)                              70                                        0%

(2.5 fluid ounces)                           80                                       5%

(2.5 fluid ounces)                          100                                    less than 1%

Chocolate or carob-coated
low-fat yogurt bar (2.5
fluid ounces)                                120-130                               15%

Chocolate-coated vanilla
ice cream bar                              150                                       20%

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