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Friday, April 1, 2011

Vitamins And Selenium

     As noted earlier, scientists theorize that Vitamin A, C, and E and the mineral selenium may work with beta-carotene to inhibit cancer.
     Vitamin A is believed to have unique cancer-blocking abilities. But research indicates it does no good to overdose yourself with this vitamin. It is fat-soluble, which means your system may become overloaded with Vitamin A. The body stores up fat-soluble vitamins, and too much Vitamin A can cause undesirable reactions. To avoid these reactions, get your Vitamin A from fresh vegetables in the form of beta-carotene.
     Vitamin C is found in fresh citrus fruits and juices and many fresh vegetables. Studies indicate those who eat foods rich in this vitamin have less stomach and esophageal cancer. Scientists theorize that Vitamin C is able to block the action of certain body chemicals that could lead to cancer.
     It is theorized that Vitamin E helps block the potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing) effects of nitrites and other chemical additives in some processed foods.
     Selenium is a little known mineral that may well hold one of the keys to a longer life. It came to the attention of scientists when studies showed certain types of cancer are relatively scarce in cerrtain areas (such as Karisas and the Dakotas), where conparatively large amounts of selenium are found in the water supply. There is more risk of cancer in the Northwest, where the water contains far less selenium.
     Some tests have indicated that the incidence of cancer of the liver and colon can be cut by more than 50% when the diet is supplemented by selenium. This must be done under a doctor's supervision. It is theorized that the selenium somehow "detoxifies" cancer-causing substances. A great deal of research remains to be done before scientists fully understand the action of selenium.
     What is known for sure is that increasing your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially carrots, will certainly not hurt you in anyway. It will make you healthier, and it may fortify your body against cancer! </145494> http://www.orble.com/winning,http://a1itsinthebag.blogspot.com,http://lindagjehoich.blogspot.com,http://listening4u.blogspot.com

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