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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Undo Errors and Live Longer

                                                HOW MUCH FAT?

     Here is the fat content of typical servings of poultry, fish and meat:

FOOD                                                                   PERCENTAGE OF FAT

Chicken,white meat without skin                                      2%

Chicken, white meat wit skin                                           4%

Chicken, dark meat without skin                                      4%

Chicken dark meat with skin                                            6%

NOTE: Turkey is slightly lower in fat content than chicken.

Canned tuna, water packed                                             1%

Haddock                                                                         1%

Sole or Flounder                                                              1%

Rock fish (striped bass)                                                    2%

Bluefish                                                                            3%

Rainbow trout                                                                  12%

Canned tuna, oil-packed                                                  21%

Round steak, trimmed                                                      6%

Round steak, untrimmed                                                   11%

Sirloin, trimmed                                                                10%

Sirloin, untrimmed                                                            25%

Extra lean hamburger                                                        18%

                          COOKING FISH AND POULTRY

You and your family will be healthier and live longer if you:

1. Remove the skin from poultry before cooking. Chicken skin is about 17% fat.

2. Rinse oil-packed tuna in a strainer to remove extra oil. You can also buy tuna packed in water, although it may cost a little more.

3. Try broiling, baking or poaching fish and poultry, rather than frying.

4. Use seasonings like lemon juice, tomatoes, herbs, or wine, rather than such high-calorie and high-fat extras as butter and sour cream.

5. Use brown rice, potatoes, noodles, or other pasta in a seafood or poultry casserole to stretch your protein dollar.

     Introduce at least one fish or poultry dish to your family every week. Modify old favorites in line with these suggestions.
     Try an occasional meatless meal. Your family may complain at first, but a combination of grains and legumes provides plenty of protein without saturated fat.
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