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Monday, April 25, 2011


     If you want a refreshing drink after exercising or after a long day of work, you may reach instinctively for a soft drink or a highball.
     Ordinary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages give you far more calories than you should have, and  they have no nutricional value. These are so-called "empty calories."

     But consider the following list of thrist--quenchers. They are all refreshing and low in calories:

BEVERAGE                                 CALORIES IN 8-OUNCE GLASS

Iced tea with slice of lemon                          0

Carbonated water with a
tablespoon orange juice                              15

Vegetable juice                                          40

Tomato juice                                             50

Unsweetened orange juice or
grapefruit juice                                          105-115

1/2 fruit or vegetable juice
and 1/2 carbonated water                         50-55

Skim milk                                                 90

1% low-fat milk                                       110

2% low-fat milk                                       130

     Note that when you combine fruit juice with carbonated water, using four ounces of each beverage, you end up with half the calories you would have with pure fruit juice.

     If you must have an alcoholic beverage occasionally, make it a glass of light white wine. This will give you less than half the calories you'd get in a Martini.

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