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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Facts About Meat

     Red meats, white meats, and fish all offer an abundance of nutrients and complete protein.
     Meat is a favorite food for many people. It satisfies the appetite and provides iron and B-complex vitamins as well as protein.
     But in buying meat in your supermarket or ordering it in restaurants you should be aware of the differences in the fat content of the available meats. You should also be familiar with the various alternatives to meat as protein sources. Knowledge of these factors should enable you to live many years longer.

                                         WHAT MEATS TO BUY

     The basic problem with meat is that some meats are sources of saturated fats, cholesterol, and calories. But other meats can be enjoyed, because they are low in saturated fats.
     The meats you should buy are lean meats. Check this list of the average percentage of fat in various cuts:

Cut of Meat                                            Percentage of Fat
Round Steak                                                  11%
Chuck Roast                                                  15%
Sirloin                                                            25%
Rib Roast                                                       33%
Porterhouse Steak                                          33%
Pork Loin                                                       16%
Ham                                                               22%
Spare Ribs (without bones)                             33%

     Meat with less fat means high-quality protein at less cost--and with fewer calories.
     Lean beef contains somewhat more protein, vitamins and minerals per pound than more expensive grades. Some people think beef marbled with fat tastes better. But not all cuts of beef need a lot of fat to please your taste buds. Try round steak or lean sirloin. You won't miss the fat, and you'll cut your intake of calories. http://www.orble.com/Winning, http://a1itsinthebag.blogspot.com,http//listening4u.blogspot.com

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