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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Add 20 Years To Your Life

      You can add 20 years to your life by changing your eating habits. But that's not all. Your extra years will be a time of youthful health and vitality. You'll have the appearance of a much younger person.
     I will share with you the guidelines for long life and better health.  You'll be able to cleanse your body of fatty deposits. Your face and figure will look trim and youthful. You'll have more energy.
     The worlds foremost nutritionists now realize that you can actually reverse the aging process. You can undo the errors of years of faulty eating.
     Does this mean you'll have to give up the  pleasures of eating good food? Not at all. We'll tell you how you can feast on many of your favorite foods while still adjusting your eating habits in order to live longer.
     Before putting our guidelines into action, we strongly suggest that you get a checkup from your family doctor. Everyone's body chemistry has special characteristics. Your physician may restrictions on your diet, and if he/she does you should follow his/her advice. But unless you have a highly unsual condition, we suspect your doctor will endorse our guidelines enthusiastically.
     With your doctor's approval, you can start on the road to a longer and healthier life today.

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