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Friday, March 18, 2011

Favorite Energy--Boosting Snacks--1

I have collected more than two dozen healthy snack options that can be a convenient and valuable part of a high-energy lifestyle. These low-fat, high-fiber snacks generally have less than 6 grams of fat and fewer than 400 calories. I recommend one portion at one of your essential breaks in mid-morning and another in the mid-afternoon.

* A blender smoothy made with ice-cold water or juice, ice cubes, and fresh fruit; yogurt or soy milk or soy yogurt, blend, and enjoy.

* A thick piece of 100 percent whole-grain bread with 100 percent all-fruit preserves and nonfat or low-fat cream cheese.

* A whole-rye cracker or bagel with nonfat or low-fat cream cheese, served with or without fruit.

*A whole-wheat English muffin with nonfat or low-fat mayonnaise and a thin slice of low-fat cheese such as jarlsberg Lite Swiss.

* One slice of whole-grain bread with nonfat or low-fat cream cheese and all-fruit spread.

* Two or three whole wheat cookies.

* Fat-free bean dip served on whole-rye crackers or other 100 percent whole-grain crackers.

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