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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sugar--Why Cut Down?

                                                           Why Cut Down?
     When you consume less sugar, you enjoy these bonuses:
          * Fewer calories will mean less weight and less risk of heart disease.
          * When you reduce your intake of products laced with sugar, you will automatically cut back on saturated fat and cholesterol.
          * You'll have fewer cavities, especially by cutting down on sugary snacks between meals.  This is an especially big bonus for children.

                                                               Your Child
     Eating habits begin in your child's earliest days. Your youngster learns good or bad habits from your example.
     If you use sugary foods such as candies and baked goods as rewards for good behavior, you'll encourage your child's craving for these foods. It's never too early or too late to help your child get started on the kind of eating habits that will prolong his/her life. Follow these guidelines:
          *   Try Nature's own candy--fruit. It's a pleasing change. Serve fresh, frozen  (unsweetened) or canned fruit, packed in its natural juices. Read labels to make sure there is no sugar in frozen and canned fruits.
          * Buy fruit and vegetable juices and low-fat milk for your child's between-meal snacks. Serve them in place of high-sugar soda pop.
          *  Offer your child fresh, crunchy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds for after school treats.
          * Look for sugar on the ingredient label of all cereals. Some pre-sweetened cereals contain more than 50% sugar. Food labels list ingredients in order by weight. The item in the greatest amount is listed first. The item in the least amount is listed last. Some cereals have no added sugar at all.
          * Serve your family a cereal without added sugar, such as oatmeal, cream of wheat, shredded wheat or puffed rice. Add some fresh fruits or fruits canned in their own juices in place of sugar.

                                                       Oils and Fats

     You need some fats in your diet in order to enjoy good health. Fats are important because:
          * They help your body assimilate Vitamins A, D, E, and K.
          * They help keep your skin youthful and healthy.
          * They give you "staying power" and keep you from getting hungry right after a meal.
          But, as we noted earlier, saturated "hard" fats raise your blood cholesterol level and increase the risk of heart disease. What you must do, therefore is to reduce your intake of saturated fats and rely as much as possible on polyunsaturated fats to provide the fat your body needs.
     You'll find polyunsaturated fats in most liquid vegetable oils, including sunflower, safflower, corn and soybean oils. Olive and peanut oils are not as high in polyunsaturates. </1454947> </enjoygoodhealth>

Oils and Fats

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