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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Foods Compare

     How to add years to your life, your goal should be to eat foods that have a fat connent of less than 12% . Eat them in moderation but satisfying portions. The following list shows how various cold cuts compare in fat content.

Type of Cold Cut                                          Fat Content                          Carories

(roasted white meat without skin)                        3%                              50 per slice
(roasted white meat without skin)                        5%                              55 per slice
Chipped or dried beef                                        5%                              55 per slice
Turkey pastrami (sliced)                                     6%                              40 per slice
Turkey ham (sliced)                                           6%                              40 per slice
Roast beef (round or rump,
trimmed of fat                                                    10%                            60 per slice
Turkey bologna                                                 15%                             55 per slice
Boiled ham                                                        17%                            65 per slice
Salami (cooked)                                                21%                            90 per slice
Corned beef (medium fat                                   23%                            105 per slice
Vienna sausage                                                  25%                             80 per 2 inch
Bologna (all meat)                                             28%                              90 per ounce
Deviled ham                                                      32%                             100 per ounce
Liverwurst                                                         33%                              90 per ounce
Salami (dry)                                                      33%                              130 per ounce
Pastrami                                                           36%                               140 per ounce     


     Heres how various popular cheeses and processed cheese products compare:
Product                                                      Fat Content                               Calories
Low-Fat cottage cheese                                    1%                                   10 per tbs.
Creamed cottage cheese                                   4%                                   15 per tbs.
Low-fat cheeses                                             5-15%                              45 to 70 per oz.
Imitation processed cheese                                6%                                   50 per ounce
Cheese spreads                                                22%                                  40 per tbs.
Swiss cheese                                                    26%                                 105 per ounce
Processed cheese                                             31%                                 105 per ounce
Cheddar cheese                                               33%                                 115 per ounce
Cream cheese                                                  34%                                   50 per tbs.

     Amoung baked goods, bread slices, matzos, Middle Eastern pocket bread, rye crackers, soda crackers and thin toast squares all have a fat content below 12%. Most pastries, donuts and other fancy breakfast and snack products have a fat content above 12%.                     

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