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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What You can do to break the Salt Habit

     One of the most important steps you can take is to shake the salt habit.
A study by the National IInstitute of Health concludes that with proper care the hypertension death rate could be reduced by 23%.
     One of the most important steps you can take                                                                                            is to shake the salt habit. Salt causes buildup of                                                                                            body fluid in your system. This makes it more                                                                                           difficult for your heart tp pump blood through
the cardiovascular system, and the resut is
high blood pressure. It can also be a contributing
factor in overweight.
     By avoiding too much salt, you help balance
the amount of blood circulating through your
system. Gradually you "washout" the salt in
your blood vessel walls. When this happens,
your blood vessels (which were formerly
dangerously constricted) will dilate (open up).
This reduces the work load of your heart. It
slows the dangerous process of hardening of
the arteries.
     If you have even a slight tendency toward
high blood pressure, you can add years to your
life by cutting down on your salt intake. If your
blood pressure is acutely high, your doctor will
 probably put you on a completely salt-free diet
and also prescribe medication. </144719> </TruthinThinking>

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