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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where To Find Fiber

     Beautiful amounts of fiber are available from natural sources.
          *Select breads and crackers made from whole grain flours (wheat, rye or corn0 or with added natural grains. Check the labels for that words "whole grain" or "whole wheat." Course fiber is even more effective than finely ground fiber.

          * Serve breakfast cereals high in bran or whole grains such as wheat or oats, rather than refined, sugar-coated cereals. Vary your diet with hot cereals such as oatmeal or toasted wheat.

          * Cook brown rice, rather than refined white rice.

          * In making your own breads, muffins, cookies and pancakes, use whole grain flours. Add nourishing ingredient  s such as nuts, dried fruits, apples, cranberries and carrots.

          * Eat plenty of fresh fruits, and vegetables. If the skins are edible, don't peel them off. Fruit juice is good for you, but whole fresh fruit (such as oranges or grapefruit) is even better. Fruit also is ideal for snacks or low-calorie desserts.

          * Dried fruits, such as raisins, dates, figs, apricots and prunes, are relatively good fiber foods. But they are also high in calories, so serve small portions.

          * Don't overcook your vegetables. They're fine sources of fiber, along with Vitamin A and C. Steam them or cook them lightly to retain more nutrients. They should be slightly crisp and chewy, not mushy.

          * dried or frozen bagged beans and peas are chock-full of fiber. They also provide protein, magnesium and iron. But some also contain salt and sugar, so check the labels.

          * Sunflower and sesame seeds are excellent fiber sources. So are nuts, which should be unsalted. Add seeds to your salads, vegetable dishes and casseroles. Blend them into bread dough or muffin butter.

          * Perhaps the easiest way to boost your fiber consumption is to add several tablespoons of bran or  wheat germ to your breakfast cereal everyday. You can also blenderize them into fruit juice and sprinkle them over salads. Include some fiber in all your meals. You'll eat your way to a longer life! </145494>

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