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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baking Tips/ Start Slowly

                                                            Baking Tips
     Most margarines can be substituted for baking. But diet margarines usually do not cook well, because they contain much more water than non-diet margarines. Substituting liquid oils for solid shortenings can be tricky. What you must do is follow your recipe very carefully, and replace butter and margarine with Smart Balance Buttery Spread. You can cook with it, bake with it and spread it on hot toast, corn bread, or put it on hot vegetables. 1 tablespoon of Smart Balance Buttery Spread (14g) has 80 calories.

                                                            Start Slowly

     If you have become accustomed to eating foods with a high saturated fat content over the years, you will find it difficult to make an abrupt switch to polyunsaturated and low-fat products. These tips will help you:
          * Cut down gradually on the amount of high-fat foods you consume, rather than trying to give them all up at once.
          * Cook your favorite foods in ways that will hold down the fat content--such as broiling, roasting or stewing meats. Don't fry meats, because this adds to the fat content. When I have to fry meats (to brown the outsides) I use extra Virgin Olive oil.
          * Try one or two new foods that are lower in saturated fats each week. Start with low-fat dairy products--Smart Balance also has sour cream, and cheese-that are well worth trying, lean meats, more fish and poultry and more whole-grain products.
          * Don't be discourged if you occasionally eat a high-fat snack (such as a pastry or donut) because of an uncontrollable craving. When you change your eating habits, you can expect to encounter an occasional problem.
          * Remember that your program of reducing your intake of saturated fat will pay big dividends in terms of a longer and healthier life.</1454947>

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